02 June 2022

Cup Up Meat to Freeze

Buy meat on sale, cut into different pieces and freeze. An easy way to fill your freezer while learning a new skill.

This is a simple tip, but I want to share to encourage others to try it for themselves. I buy a pork roast on sale. I cut it in half. One half we cook in the crock-pot with vegetables. It gives us at least two meals.

Two pieces of uncooked port roast on a blue tray.

The other half, I cut into pork chops. 

Half of a pork roast left whole with other half cut into pork chops, all sitting on a blue tray.

Put in freezer bags and store in the freezer. I use vacuum bags so all the air is removed, helping prevent freezer burn. I haven't kept a record, but we usually eat things within a couple of months of freezing, and so far, have not had an issue with freezer burn.

Yes, we could buy pork chops on sale and freeze them. In fact, we did that for several years. But cutting our own lets us choose the thickness we prefer. 

This also works with other meat. Buy a whole chicken and cut it apart. Buy large cuts of pork or beef and divide up as you need them. This teaches you how to cut the meat apart, making your more self-reliant.

Don't wait until you are out to buy more. When you have some left, or the meat goes on sale again, repeat the process. This lets you gradually fill your freezer without a big hit to the budget.