About Road to Self Reliance

 Welcome to my journey to be more self-reliant.

I’m Gladys and I live on a 1/5th acre urban lot, 1 ½ blocks from the ocean on the Atlantic Coast of Florida. This website shares the ups and downs, the challenges, and the triumphs I experience on this journey.

What is self-reliance? A definition I read somewhere says that self-reliance is not depending on systems you have no control over. That resonates with me and helps me focus on what I can do.

To start, I’m working on growing more of my food, and getting in the kitchen, cooking from scratch and preserving more of my food. I am working to eliminate as much waste as possible, looking for ways I can reuse everything, including food that is normally thrown out.

My husband enjoys home-grown and home-cooked food but doesn’t understand why I feel the need to be more self reliant. As we work to find compromise and create a home and lifestyle that works for both of us, I hope to inspire others who try to get their family to see their vision.

Thank you for joining my adventures on the road to being as self reliant as possible.