In the Kitchen

Becoming more self-reliant with your food is a great first step. While many people think that means growing your own food (and it does), it also encompasses other areas - making your own food from scratch, preserving food, whether you grow/raise it or purchase it, and using up scraps.

Cooking with Scraps

Don't throw it out! See if there are ways to use those scraps of food to save money.

Pesto Made with Carrot Tops - Carrot tops are edible and one way to use them is to make a tasty pesto perfect for topping pasta.

Pot on stove with vegetables making broth.Vegetable Broth - Save your potato peels and other trimmings and use to make your own broth.

Orange Peel Tea - Take the peel from an orange or tangerine/mandarin orange and make a tea filled with vitamin C.


Cooking it yourself lets you control the ingredients that are in it. It tastes better and is often costs less as well.

Basil Pesto - Growing my own basil lets me make fresh pesto

Fresh salad in a colorful bowl.Homemade and Homegrown -  Fresh from the garden!

Shrimp and Spaghetti - Quick and easy to make!

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