22 August 2021

Homegrown and Homemade - August 18, 2021

 Here is a triumph for this week:

Bowl with homegrown salad

That is a salad I made to go with my dinner one night. And is all homegrown.

For the salad I picked New Zealand spinach, basil, purslane, celery leaves and stalks (regrown), lemon balm, chives, and bell peppers.

For the dressing, it was homemade with ingredients I bought at the store: olive oil, apple cider vinegar, peppercorns and mustard I made from mustard seeds and vinegar.

Compared to what many people produce from their garden this may not seem like much, but I am pleased that I can put together part of my meal from what I grew in my urban container garden. 

And a confession - this was not the best salad I have ever eaten. I think a different mix of greens (some lettuce would have been nice) or a different dressing would have made it better. But it filled me up and I am proud of being able to grow some of the food I eat.

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