08 August 2021

Hurricane Preparation Checklist

 Living in Florida I have learned that we have a season I wasn't used to - hurricane season.

Running June 1st through November 30th, hurricane season is the time of year when the waters in the Atlantic Ocean are warm enough to begin forming hurricanes. 

I have also learned that hurricanes approaching give you plenty of days to watch the weather and worry whether or not it is going to hit near me. It is also a time to get prepared.

The first two years I lived here, there was little tropical activity that was near us. Then in October 2016, Hurricane Matthew swept up the Atlantic side of Florida, and I quickly learned how much there is to get ready.

My husband has lived here for over 20 years, so he understood what had to be done. As he ran through the list of things we needed to do, I began writing them down. After the hurricane passed and we cleaned up the yard, I sat down and added to the list everything I could remember. The list was typed up and the next September, when Hurricane Irma came straight up through Florida, I printed off the list and worked through each item.

Each time I pull out the list and use it, I make changes to the list. Some things get added while others that no longer apply get deleted. 

Preparing for an approaching hurricane is a busy and stressful time. Having the checklist to refer to means I don't have to try to remember what needs to be done.

What about you? If you don't live in a hurricane zone, is there a weather event you routinely need to prepare for? Maybe a checklist will help you as well.

Watch the video and think about how you can apply a checklist to your situation. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below or at the video.

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