17 October 2022

Hurricane Ian Preparation and Aftermath on the Beachside Homestead

Living a block from the Atlantic Ocean in Florida, we are familiar with preparing for a hurricane. Here is what our urban homestead did to prepare for Hurricane Ian, and what we dealt with after.

In the nine years I've lived in Florida, I have been through several hurricanes and tropical storms. Thanks to my husband, who has lived here longer, we have a good plan to prepare for hurricanes. No plan is perfect; however, it is better than having nothing.

When we were first put in the "cone of uncertainty" by the National Weather Service, I began preparing by printing off my Hurricane Preparation Checklist. (Click to learn how I made mine and do one for your unique needs.)

Then I began pulling out things I needed: flashlights and batteries, candles and lighters, rain gear, and towels to soak up any water that came in. I emptied much of the ice from my ice maker, putting it in bags in the freezer. This has a dual purpose. If we lose power, the ice helps things in the freezer stay frozen longer. If we don't have water, we can melt the ice and use it to drink and cook with.

The garden has to wait until the last minute, so the plants get as much sunlight as possible. Some go into the garage while others are moved to a corner on the patio. The good thing about a container garden is most of the plants are easy to move.

We tied down the awning over the front door, and staked a tied a few of our decorative bushes and fruit trees. Most of the fruit trees I have grown from seed and don't want to lose them.

By the time the rain arrived on Wednesday, we were finished and safely inside.

Watch the video that shows some of the prep work and also the aftermath of Hurricane Ian on our home.

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